Eczema TCM Therapy

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How to prevent eczema

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(1) No matter acute or chronic eczema, it is necessary to avoid scratching and washing the infected skin with hot water. Avoid spicy foods and seafood, and it is suggested to eat more vegetables and fruits. During the attacks of this disease, it is necessary to postpone vaccination.

(2) Cold compresses help to relieve the itching caused by contact dermatitis. Pour milk into a cup of ice cake for a few minutes, then pour this milk in a gauze pad or thin cotton cloth, apply the gauze pad or cotton cloth to the itching skin for 2-3 minutes, repeat the practice for 10 minutes. If this method does not work, the patient should see a doctor as soon as possible.

(3) Beware of baby lotion for family prevention of eczema: Baby lotion is not the best choice for treating eczema for children. These products contain large amount of water. Therefore, when water evaporates, the skin become more dry and more itching. Continue to learn Chinese medicine Treatment for Eczema.

(4) Taking bath with warm water for family prevention of eczema: Patient with dermatitis should take a bath with warm water, which can reduce the opportunity of infecting and help to soften the skin. But avoid too hot or too cold water.

(5) Pay attention to skin care. Drink plenty of water, get rid of bad habits such as smoking and drinking. Have a regular lifestyle, ensure adequate sleep, avoid staying up late. Scratching can stimulate the skin constantly and thicken the skin or even get infected. Scratching also takes a strengthening role. The more the patient scratches, the itchier he feels, and the itchier the patient feels, the more he wants to scratch. Thus, it forms a vicious cycles to prolong the duration of the disease.

(6) Maintain an optimistic attitude toward life, learn to self-adjust when face adversity and frustration, keep peace and calm mind, avoid negative emotions for it may induce or aggravate the illness.
(7) Patient with allergic constitution need to avoid the allergenic factor in life or work, and should pay attention to kill insects in the living environment, frequently change and wash the cloth and quilt to enhance personal health. Try best to find the reasons of morbidity or disease aggravation and have allergens examination to find possible allergens.
(8) Patient with allergic constitution or suffering from eczema before, should has light and bland diet, does not drinking and eating seafood, beef, mutton, dog meat to avoid inducing and aggravating the disease. The number of bathing should not be excessive. Patient with eczema should not use too much toilet soap or shower gel to bath, especially in winter. The affected parts should not be washed with overheating or salt water. Continue to learn TCM Treatment Evaluation for Eczema.

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