Eczema TCM Therapy

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What are the symptoms of eczema

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1. Syndrome of Infiltration of Dampness and Heat
Main Symptoms: Sudden onset, skin lesions spreading on the whole body, flushed and burning sensation, discharge of suppurative fluid, lingering pruritus, accompanied by feverish sensation in the body, vexation, thirst, dry stool, scanty and brown urine, reddened tongue, yellowish or yellow-greasy coating, slippery or rapid pulse.

2. Syndrome of Accumulation of Dampness due to Spleen Deficiency
Main Symptoms: Slow onset, skin lesions in flushed color, pruritus, erosive effusion after scratch, scale and crust, accompanied by poor appetite, low spirit, abdominal distension, loose stool, pale and flabby tongue, whitish or white-greasy coating, and soft pulse. Continue to learn Chinese medicine Treatment for Eczema.

3. Syndrome of Blood Deficiency and Wind-Dryness
Main Symptoms: Dark color or pigmentation in skin lesions after long duration, serious pruritus, or coarse and hypertrophic skin lesions with scratching marks and bloody crust, accompanied by dry mouth, low spirit, poor sleep, pale tongue, whitish coating, thready or wiry and thready pulse.

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