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Definition of gout in TCM

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definition of gout in tcmGout is a kind of disease caused by prolonged purine metabolic disturbance, clinically characterized by hyperuricemia, repeated attack of acute arthritis, gouty tophus sedimentation, chronic arthritis with deformity of joints, pathogenic change of renal parenchyma and formation of tophus. The disease is grouped into two categories by different causes of increased uric acid in blood, i.e., primary and secondary. Primary gout is caused by congenital purine metabolic disturbance and secondary gout is caused by hyperuricemia due to the increase of uricopoiesis or hypoeccrisia of uric acid, which is induced by other diseases or drugs. The disease may occur in people at any age, mostly at the age between 30 and 40. Among the patients, 5% are male and usually they have a family history of gout. Continue to learn Chinese medicine Treatment for Gout.
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