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Dietary therapy for gout

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1) Lily Soup
Get 20-30g of lily and decoct for soup or steam for eating. It is one dose a day and can be for long-term use.
Efficiency:To moisten lung to arrest cough, clam the heart and nerves. The colchicine in lily is effective in preventing from the arthritis due to gout. 

2) Lily and Plantago Seed Honey
Get 20g of lily and 30g of plantago seed, decoct in water for about 500ml of decoction. Add a spoon of honey and mix well for drink.
Efficiency: To replenish lung and qi, strengthen spleen and promote urine. And the plantago seed is applicable to the discharge of uric acid. It is applicable to prevent from the attack of the arthritis due to gout.

3) Gruel of Adzuki Bean and Coix Seed
Get 50g of adzuki bean and coix seed respectively and cook them for the gruel, one dose a day.
Efficiency: To replenish spleen and stomach, promote urine and excrete dampness. It is helpful to the discharge of uric acid. Continue to learn Chinese medicine Treatment for Gout.

4) Gruel of Smilax Officinalis and Polished Round-grained Rice
Get 30g of smilax officinalis and 50g of polished round-grained rice; decoct the former to get the juice and cook the polished round-grained rice for the gruel. It is one dose a day and can be for long-term use. Efficiency: To clear away heat and toxin, promote diuresis and activate the collaterals. It is helpful to the discharge of blood uric acid.

5) Dogtooth Violet Honey
Get 5g of dogtooth violet and decoct in water; add a spoon of honey and mix it well for drink. Take it one dose a day.
Efficiency: To clear away toxin and resolve phlegm, eliminate stagnation and resolve swelling. The dogtooth violet contains colchicine which is applicable for the outbreak of acute gout of dampness-heat type.

6) Gruel of Peach Kernel
Get 15g of peach kernel and 150g of polished round-grained rice. First, smash the peach kernel into paste; then add water and grind to get the juice by removing the dregs; add the polished round-grained rice to cook for gruel. Take it one dose a day.
Efficiency: To activate blood circulation to dissipate stasis, activate the collaterals and assuage pain. It is applicable for the gout of the bi-syndrome with blood stasis and phlegm stagnation type.

7) Flavored Carrot Soup
Get 250g of carrot and 30g of semen boitae; wash the carrot clean and cut them into shreds and then stir-fry with plant oil; add the semen boitae and 500ml of water to cook until it is done. Add moderate salt according to the individual choice.
Efficiency: To nourish heart and calm the nerves, promote urine and excrete dampness. To be taken for long term use is helpful to prevent from the attack of the gout.

8) Gruel of Radix Saposhnikoviae (Fangfeng) and Coix Seed
Get 10g of radix slieris and 30g of coix seed and cook it in water until it is done. Take one dosage a day for one week.
Efficiency: To clear away heat, eliminate wind and remove obstruction. It is applicable for obstruction of damp heat in the meridians. Continue to learn TCM Treatment Evaluation for Gout.

9) Gruel of Yam and Allium Macrostemon Bunge
Ingredients: Raw yam 100g, allium macrostemon bunge 10g, polished round-grained rice 50g, prepared pinellia ternata 30g, astragalus mongholicus 30g and moderate sugar.
Process: Wash the rice clean and add the chopped yam and clean pinellia ternata and allium macrostemon bunge to cook together. Add the sugar and serve.
Efficiency: To promote qi and activate yang, remove phlegm and bi. It is applicable for the gout of the deficiency of qi and stagnation of phlegm type due to the deficiency of spleen and stagnation of phlegm.

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