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Health care methods for gout

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Drug Therapy  
1) Internal Medicine
(1) Obstruction of Damp Heat in the Meridians
Therapeutic Methods: To clear away heat, eliminate dampness, and remove obstruction in the collaterals
Prescription: Modified Si Miao Wan

(2) Invasion of the Collaterals by Cold and Dampness
Therapeutic Methods: To warm the meridians, eliminate cold, remove dampness and activate the collaterals.
Prescription: Modified Yiyiren Tang

(3) Phlegm Stagnation Blending with Blood Stasis
Therapeutic Methods: To resolve phlegm, eliminate stagnation; activate blood circulation to dissipate stasis.
Proscription: Modified Xiaotan Tang

External Medicine
(1) Cifu Cream for External Application
Ingredients: Dogtooth violet 200g, root of common peony 200g, raw rheum officinale 150g, rhizoma cyperi 100g.
Process: Grind the above ingredients into powder and then pass them through a sieve. Later, mix up 600 of cerealose and 400ml of distilled water well; then take 1000g of vaseline and heat it to 70℃ to stir it into paste; add the powder into it when the temperature drops to around 40℃. Put it into the medicine jar when it is cool down.
Usage: Apply it on the effect part evenly and cover with the gauze and cotton mat. Fix it up with the adhesive plaster and change it every three days. 3 times is a course of treatment.

(2) Acupuncture Therapy
Acupoints: Baihe, Shentin, Quchi (LI 11), Hegu (LI 4), Shenmen (HT 7), Zusanli (ST 36), Taichong (LR 3), Fenglong (ST 40), Neiting (ST44), Yinlinquan and Ashi Points.
Take reducing method with filiform needle to clear away heat and remove dampness. Take it once a day and 5 times is a course of treatment.    

(3) Massage Therapy
1) Massage the points of Kunlun (BL60), Tanzhong, Neiguan (PC6), and Xinbao orderly; knock the gallbladder meridians at last.
2) Massage the spleen meridians on the leg and the Fuliu of kidney meridians to ease the burden of liver and nourish the liver.
3) Press from the point of Taichong (LR 3) to Xingjian (LR2) to excrete the toxins from the body.
PS: People can put the feet in the hot water to relieve the liver heat when gout attacks. And massage or take acupuncture on the point of Taichong is also a good way to clear away liver heat.

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