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How TCM diagnoses gout

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Because gout is clinically manifested as recurrence of redness, swelling, a burning sensation, pain, and limited flexibility of joints, it is included in the category of bi-syndrome in TCM.

(1) At the initial stage, it is symptomless with only the increase of uric acid in blood. At the acute stage, its typical manifestation is sudden onset of arthralgia and most of the cases would suddenly be woken up by sharp arthralgia when sleeping. The affected parts are mostly the first metatarsophalangeal joint or other metatarsophalangeal joints with localized redness, swelling, a burning sensation, pain and limited flexibility. When the greater joint is involved, there may be some exudate. In addition, such symptoms as chills, fatigue, poor appetite and headache may appear. However, the above-mentioned symptoms would be relieved in 1 - 2 weeks.
(2) At the chronic stage, there may be gouty tophus, deformity and rigidity of joints, and renal lesions. Continue to learn Chinese medicine Treatment for Gout.
(3) Laboratory examination shows uric acid in blood increasing to over 420umol/L. In roentgenogram, a round or irregular transparent defective area can be found in the bone substance of the joint adjacent to osteochondral edge, which is characteristic of gout in X-ray examination.

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