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What are the symptoms of gout

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1) Obstruction of Damp Heat in the Meridians 
Chief Manifestations: Redness, swelling, a burning sensation and pain of the joints which is alleviated by cold, tenderness, or fever, constipation, dark yellow urine, yellow and greasy tongue coating, and wiry and rapid or smooth and rapid pulse.

2) Invasion of the Collaterals by Cold and Dampness
Chief Manifestations: Rigidity and deformity of the joints, limited flexibility, darkish red skin, aversion to cold and cold limbs, darkish tongue with ecchymosis, thin and white coating, deep and thready pulse.

3) Phlegm Stagnation Blending with Blood Stasis
Chief Manifestations: Subcutaneous nodules which are normal-colored, tenderless or ruptured, darkish tongue with occasional ecchymosis, thin and white coating, and deep and smooth pulse. Continue to learn TCM Treatment Evaluation for Gout.

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