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Functional exercise for hyperlipemia

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1) The best exercise form is the aerobic exercise such as quick walking, swimming, playing Ping pong, etc. People is mainly take the aerobic catabolism when exercising which is helpful to reduce the insulin in the blood plasma, control the producing of the glycerin trilaurate and promoting the decomposing of fat. 

2) The exercise forms can be decided according to the individual condition and the environment; people can choose the jogging, gymnastic, Taiji, Qigong, swimming, climbing hills, riding bikes, taking the body builder, etc. The hyperlipemia can be prevented and treated if the patients take exercise with moderate amount in a persistent way.

3) Walking and running is an effective way to treat the abnormity of the blood fat and can be a initial exercise form for regulating the blood fat; it in the forms of walking or running; the demand for the movement are: Raising the head, stick the chest and keep the abdomen in, keep eyes looking at the front horizontally,  the shoulders relaxed, the elbows bent about 90 degree and swinging forth and backwards along with the rhythm of walking or running.   

4) Take exercise for 30-60 minutes will be effective; take a warming-up for 5-10 minutes before exercising and a relaxing movement for 5-10 minutes after the exercise; the warming-up can improve the moving extent of the joints, reduce the treacliness of the ligament of the muscle and increase the heart-lung function to adopt the coming exercise; the relaxing movement is helpful to regulate the heat rate, make the blood pressure recover to the level when the people keep quiet, eliminating the fatigue.

5) Frequency for exercise: Take exercise once a day for five days in a week. More about Hyper-lipidemia treatment, please read Hyper-lipidemia Tablets.

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