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How TCM diagnoses hyperlipemia

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(1) At present, there are not yet international or national unified criteria for hyperlipoproteinemia. Generally, the total cholesterol (TC)> 6. 465 mmol/L is considered as hypercholesterolemia, and triglycerides (TG)>2. 258 mmol/L as hypertriglyceridemia.

(2) In lipoprotein electrophoresis, the increased β-lipoprotein (LDL) and pre-β-lipoprotein (VLDC) has the function of promoting the atherosclerosis.

(3) In addition to the analysis of blood lipids, the following are also helpful to the diagnosis of this disease: case history, family history, clinical manifestations (such as xanthoma, arcus senilis, etc. ), and some other laboratory tests such as electrocardinographic examination, blood sugar determination, thyroid, liver and kidney function tests, etc. Continue to read Causes of Hyperlipemia in TCM.

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