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How to prevent hyperlipemia

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(1) Avoid food with high fat: Choose the food with low cholesterin strictly such as the vegetable, bean products, lean meat, jelly fish, etc. People especially should take more vegetables with high fiber which is good for reducing the absorption of the cholesterin in the intestine. More about Hyper-lipidemia treatment, please read Hyper-lipidemia Tablets

(2) Restrict the sweet food: the sugar can transform into the endogenous triglycerides, which will increase the concentration of the endogenous triglycerides in the blood; so the intake of sweet food should be limited.

(3) Losing weight: People with the weight over the normal standard should lose weight gradually under the guidance of the doctors; its better lose weight of 1-2kg every month; people should with a diet of low fat, low sugar and enough protein when losing weight.

(4) Enhancing the labor work and exercises: The labor work can not only increase the consuming of heat energy but also strengthen the metabolizing of the body; it can increase the activity of some enzymes in the body especially the lipoprotein, which is beneficial to the transportation and decomposition of the endogenous triglycerides; then the lipid in the blood can be reduced.

(5) Avoid drinking: Excessive drinking or the long-term drinking can stimulate the liver to produce more endogenous triglycerides which will increase the concentration of the lipoprotein with low density in the blood and lead to the hyperlipemia. So it’s better for the middle-aged people to stop drinking. Continue to read TCM Treatment Evaluation for Hyperlipemia.

(6) Avoid overstrain: The emotional tension and over excitation can cause the increasing the amount of the cholesterin and endogenous triglycerides in the blood.

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