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What're the folk recipes for hyperlipemia

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1) Peanuts soaked in Vinegar
Get moderate rice vinegar and peanuts; Soak the superior peanuts in the vinegar for a week and the vinegar should cover all the ingredients; Take it twice a day in the morning and night; each time for 10-15 pieces.
Efficiency: To activate the pulse and reduce fat.

2) Get 10g of the Jew’s-ear and the tremella respectively and 5g of the crystal sugar; put the Jew’s-ear and the tremella in warm water to make them bulged; put them into a small bowel and add the moderate water and crystal sugar; steaming for an hour until it is done; drink the soup and eat the agaric.
Efficiency: To nourish yin and promote qi, cool the blood and stop bleeding.  More about Hyper-lipidemia treatment, please read Hyper-lipidemia Tablets.

3) Fresh Kiwifruit
Eat the clean kiwifruit or press it into the juice for drinking.
Efficiency: To avoid the producing of the carcinogenic material of nitrosamine in the body, reducing the cholesterin and the glycerin trilaurate.

4) Get 1500g of the purpleflower holly fruit and moderate honey; decoct the purpleflower holly fruit in water for twice and each time for one hour; remove the dregs from the decoction; mix all the decoction and concentrate them into the cream; bake the cream dry and crush down; add moderate honey and mix them up; then preserve the mixture in the bottle; take an amount equals to 50g of the raw purpleflower holly fruit every day in three times with an empty stomach; take the reexamination of blood after taking the medicine for one month.

5) Fleece-flower Root and the Rhizoma Alismatis Soup
Ingredients: Prepared fleece-flower root 30g, rhizoma alismatis 20g, the root of red-rooted salvia 10g, radix polygonati officinalis 15g.
Process: Decoct the above ingredients in water for three times and mix the juice up; to be taken orally in 2-3 times and one dose a day; half an month for a course of treatment. It is applicable to hyperlipemia.

6) Points for Moxibustion: Guanyuanshu (BL 26), Fenglong (ST 40), Xuanzhong (GB 39) and Zusanli (ST 36).
Method: Take medial mugwort stick for moxibustion and each point for 15 minutes; Take once every two days for 30 days.

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