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Acupoints Massage for hypertension

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Acupoints Massage
Pushing Manipulation: Push and scrape the point of Qiaogong. Take it 3 times a day and each time for 15 minutes; push one side for one time and from top to bottom alternatively. The point of Qiaogong:When turn the head to the side direction, a muscle from the behind of ear to the clavicle on the side of the neck can be seen and that is the point of Qiaogong.  

Finger-pressing Manipulation: There is a point called " the point of high blood pressure" which is located on the middle of the sross band on the root of the big toe. Breathing out slowly and press this point of strong strength with the both thumbs for 6 seconds and each point on the feet for 3 times. Take it 10 times a day for a year and an obvious effect will be got.

Finger-press the point of Baihui with a little strong strength when people feel heavy and muzzy head. The point of Baihui which is located at the midpoint of the most top part of the head. Place the both middle fingers on the point, breath out slowly and press it with strong strength for 6 seconds; repeat it for 5 times and the blood circulation will be improved. Besides, people can press the points of Fengchi, Taiyang and Yintang and each for 3-5 minutes. Click to read Chinese medicine Treatment for Hypertension.

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