Hypertension TCM Therapy

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Dietary Therapy for hypertension

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A. Yin Deficiency of Liver and Kidney
1) Gruel of Holothurian
Get 20g of holothurian and 60g of rice to cook for gruel. Season them before taking.

2) Gruel of Mussel and Preserved Egg
Get 30g of mussel, a preserved egg and 60g of polished round-grained to cook gruel. Season them before taking.

3) Gruel of Hair Weeds and Oyster Sauce
Get 3g of hair weeds, 60g of oyster sauce, 50g of lean meat and 60g of rice to cook gruel. Season them before taking.

4) Mussel and Laver Soup
Get 50g of mussel and 6g of laver, cook the mussel in water until it is soft. Add the laver and cook for a while. Season them before taking.

B. Deficiency of Yang Qi
1) Steamed Tu-chong with Pork Loin
Get 2 pork loin and 30g of tu-chong to steam until it is done. Season them and take them. Click to read Chinese medicine Treatment for Hypertension.

2) Gruel of Cortex Chinamomi
Get 100g of rice and 7g of the cortex chinamomi powder. Cook the rice until it is half down an add the cortex chinamomi powder to cook with the low fire for a while. After it is done, take when it is hot.

3) Cooked Fragrant-flowered Garlic with Clam
Get 100g of fragrant-flowered garlic and 150g of clam to cook in water until it is done. Season them and take them.

C. Blood Stasis Blocking the Meridians
1) Peach Kernel and Lotus Root Soup
Get 10g of peach kernel and 250g of lotus root. Cut the lotus root into small chunks and cook in water for soup. Season, drink the soup and eat the lotus root.
2) Peach Kernel and Ox Blood Soup
Get 100g of peach kernel and 200g of fresh ox blood( cut into chunks), cook with the peach kernel in moderate water for soup. Season the soup with a little salt and then drink the soup and eat the ox blood.

3) Stewed Crab with Vinegar
Get 250g of crab and 50g of vinegar to cook until it is done. Season it with the sugar and take it once a day.

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