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Folk Prescription for Impotence

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(1) Fry 500g of halite with strong fire, then wrap it in a bag, apply on the hypogastrium until the bag is cold. One hour for one time, twice per day.

(2) Mix 180g of Evodiae Fructus and right amount of white spirit thoroughly, wrap it in several small bags, steam the bags for 20 minutes, apply the bags on the inferior umbilicus and soft center until the bags are cold. 20 to 30 minutes for one time, twice per day.

(3) Mash the right amount of fresh ginger, fennel fruit, green Chinese onion and fry them, then wrap in a bag, apply on the inferior umbilicus until the bag is cold, 30-40 minutes for one time, twice per day. 

(4) Grind 6g of sumac gallnut and Radix Astragali (Huangqi), and 3g of sulfur thoroughly, put them into Aconiti Tuber Laterale, add 250ml of white spirit, boil over a low fire until dry, apply the Aconiti Tuber Laterale on the belly button, wrap and immobilize it until three hours, one time every 10 hours.

(5) Grind 5g of Zingiberis Rhizoma Exsiccatum and Fructus Foeniculi (Xiaohuixiang) thoroughly, add little amount of salt, mix with honey to make a paste, apply on the belly button, cover with gauze, immobilize with adhesive tape, one time for 5 days, 3 to 5 days as a course of treatment.

(6) Wash 5 roots of Phytophthora porri Foister and mash it with 5g of Cinnamomi Cortex powder, fry them and wrap with thin and white gauze, apply on the acupoint of Guanyuan (CV4) and Zhongji (CV3), once per day. The bag could not be too hot lest it scald the skin.

(7) Right amount of Rhei Rhizoma and Phellodendri Cortex, decoct them, apply the liquid to the penis, twice per day,

(8) Decoct right amount of Cnidii Monnieri Fructus, wash the penis and testicle with the warm liquid, 2 to 3 times per day, 20 minutes for one time. 

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