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What are the symptoms of nose bleeding

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(1) Syndrome of excessive heat of lung meridian:
Main symptoms and signs: Dribbling nasal bleeding with bright red colour and scanty quantity, dry nasal cavity with burning sensation, accompanying symptoms of cough, scanty sputum, dry mouth and fever of the body, red lingual margin and tip with whitish, thin and dry coating, rapid or floating and rapid pulse.

(2) Syndrome of excessive fire of the stomach:
Main symptoms and signs: Profuse nasal hemorrhage with bright red or deep red colour, dryness inside the nose, dry mouth, ozostomia, dysphoria and thirst with inclination to drink, constipation, dark scanty urine, reddish tongue with yellowish, thick and dry coating, fulllarge and rapid pulse. Continue to read Chinese medicine Treatment for Nasal Bleeding.

(3) Syndrome of liver fire stirring the upper:
Main symptoms and signs: Profuse nasal hemorrhage with deep red colour, headache, dizziness, bitter taste in the mouth, dry throat, thoracic and hypochondriac fullness, flush, conjunctival congestion, restlessness, irascibility, reddish tongue with yellowish coating, taut and rapid pulse.

(4) Syndrome of yin deficiency of the liver and kidney:
Main symptoms and signs: Nasal bleeding with red colour and scanty quantity which occurs and stops occasionally, dry mouth with scanty saliva, light-headedness, tinnitus, palpitation, insomnia, dysphoria with feverish sensation of the chest, palms and soles, tender and reddish tongue or crimson tongue with scanty saliva, scanty coating, thready and rapid pulse.

(5) Syndrome of qi deficiency of the spleen:
Main symptoms and signs: Oozing rhinorrhage with reddish colour and profuse or scanty'quantity, lustreless complexion, poor appetite, listlessness with disinclination to speak, pale tongue with whitish thin coating, thready and weak pulse.

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