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How to prevent peptic ulcer

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(1) In the active stage of the disease, patients with peptic ulcer should avoid or reduce abdominal exercises in order not to increase the possibility of bleeding or perforating.

(2) Patients with peptic ulcer should not take strenuous exercises after meal, and also should not have meal immediately after doing strenuous exercises.

(3) Keep the mind quiet and cheerful, reduce anxiety and depression. Continue to read TCM Treatment Evaluation for Peptic Ulcer.

(4) The cloths should be loose, comfortable and the shoes should be light and soft. Patients should not wear high-heeled shoes and leather shoes.

(5) The formation and development of peptic ulcer are related to the digestion of the gastric acid and pepsin in the gastric juice. So, patients should avoid working and sleeping on an empty stomach.

(6) It is not difficult to make the ulcer healing to the scar stage in a short time (2-4 weeks). But the key point is preventing ulcer recurrence. The recurrently attack of ulcer is more dangerous.

(7) Get rid of bad living habits and avoid the stimulation of tobacco, alcohol, spicy foods, strong tea, coffee and some drugs, which have important significance for ulcer healing and recurrent prevention. 

(8) It is not suitable to eat whole grain/crude fiber vegetable/raw and hard fruits. Avoid eating fried foods, fatty meat, butter and some stimulating seasoning. Patients can eat milk, eggs, lean meat, fish, chicken, soft tofu, noodle, porridge, soft rice and some digestible vegetables (pumpkin, wax gourd, eggplant, carrot, pumpkin). Have a regular diet, eat more meals a day but less foods, chew carefully.

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