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Definition of poor memory in TCM

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definition of poor memory in tcmAmnesia refers a disease of decreasing of memory and forgettery and which is also called "xi wang" and "shan wang". The medical experts of the past dynasties hold that this disease is usually related to the asthenic disease of the heart, spleen and kidney and the insufficiency of qi-blood; and some conditions are due to the disorder of qi-blood and the upward disturbance of phlegm. Most of it belongs to the deficiency type such as excessive worrying, lesion of hear and spleen, ullage of yin-blood, metaplasia without sources, lacking of nutrition in the brain, or loss of essence and blood due to aeipathia, insufficiency of qi-blood due to old age, deficiency of kidney, or effulgent of heart fire and no interaction of the heart and kidney, intemperate of sexual intercourse and the insufficiency of kidney-essence.

The excess type is usually due to the emotional injury and upward disturbance of phlegm. Both the trauma of the skull and blockage of phlegm can cause the amnesia. The amnesia caused by the maladjustment of brain function due to kinds of factors in western medicine is the topic which is discussed in the article;  it may occur when getting the disease of neurosis, depression, the later period of the spilt personality and the sequela of other brain diseases such as the cerebral infarction, encephalomalacia, etc.  Continue to learn Chinese medicine treatment for Anemia.

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