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Functional exercise for poor memory

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1) The exercises can regulate and improve the excitation and inhibition process of the brain and promote the metabolism of brain cells; then the brain function can be developed can be developed to the full and the aging of brain can be postponed.

2) Take the exercise a kind of life-style and choose some simple items such as the badminton and pingpong; and keep a habit of taking exercise gradually; it is advisable to take exercise for 3 times a week for the people aged below 40; for the white collar, they can do some extending and jumping exercise every two hours of work. Continue to learn Chinese medicine treatment for Anemia.

3) People often take finger-exercise is not only stimulate the meridians and points on the hand but also accord with the principle of "often exercise brain instead of heart" in TCM.

4) Walking is a good way to treat amnesia; if the old people insist on waking 3-5 times a week with each time for half an hour, then their memory can be obviously improved.

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