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How TCM diagnoses poor memory

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1) The condition with the symptoms include weak constitution, long illness and other weakness symptoms is mostly belong to the lassitude, insomnia and the insufficiency of heart-blood.

2) The condition with the symptoms include strong constitution, amnesia or even oblivion and other factors which are closely related to the feelings is mostly belong to the coma with qi disorder, depression and so on. Continue to learn Chinese medicine treatment for Anemia.

 3) The old people with obvious amnesia mostly have the disease of numbness of vessels in the brain, encephalanalosis, hysteria, etc.  

4) People suffering form the amnesia due to trauma, poisoning, alcoholic syncope, etc. must has the corresponding disease history which can be looked up.

5) If necessary, people can take the examinations of encephalanalosis, electroencephalogram and the plain film of head which are taken via the x-ray and computed tomography, etc.

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