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How to prevent poor memory

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1) "Improvement for taking and degeneration for disuse" is a universal rule for the developing of the biological world. Hard work and study and keep the memory at a good state, so people should keep a keen interest in the new things and dare to challenge. The middle-aged and old people should often take the activities such as watching news, TV, movie, listening to the music and especially playing the Chinese chess and I-go; which can make the brain concentrated and the brain cells at an active state to slow down the caducity. 

2) Try to find out some memory methods which are suitable for themselves: Record the item which has to be memorized on the notebook or the note; list the goods which are need to by before go out for shopping or the business travel; besides, association and classifying are also good habits of memorizing. What’s more, memorize some things consciously such as the words of a song and keep a diary are also good for memory. Continue to learn Chinese medicine treatment for Anemia.

3) From the aspect of diet, the sweet and salty food is the key reason for the low memory; while the vegetable and fruit which contain plenty of vitamins, mineral substance and cellulosic can increase the memory; the ginkgo extract is also helpful to increase the vigor and concentration of the brain and improve the memory; for the coffee, it can excite the brain in a short time; so people can drink a cup of coffee in advance if the concentration is needed for working. 

4) Keep a good mood is beneficial for harmonize of the nervous system and all organs and systems; it can make the metabolism at the best state and then strengthen the brain corresponding.

5) People should eat more soybean and the bean products as they contain the glutamy and lecithin which are essential materials in the brain; the plenty of unsaturation fatty acid and bezoar in the marine fish and seashell can strengthen  memory and postpone caducity of the brain cells; the dry fruit can nourish brain,  strengthen the brain function, promote the developing of brain cells, postpone caducity of the brain cells and increase the ideation. People can take more food for restoring consciousness when having the symptoms of dizziness, thirsty, vexation, etc. because of the hyperactivity of fire due to yin deficiency.

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