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How TCM diagnoses pulmonary tuberculosis

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(1) Asking the patients about their exposure or whether they have pleurisy, anal, cervical enlargement, diabetes and bacillus calmette-guerin contact.

(2) The tuberculosis patients sometimes suffered poisoning symptoms, such as low heat, whole body unwell, lack of power, night sweats, decreased appetite, cheeks flush, etc. The patients who caught Corn Grain of Tuberculosis and Cheese Pneumonia often with a high, sometimes they feel joint pain, and women patients have menstrual disorders.

(3) The patients are in early dry cough, empty form when amalgamative infection in mucus purulent sputum or purulent, haemoptysis, chest pain, or difficulty breathing.

(4) Physical examination: The early lesions range in the lung deep tissue, but no abnormal signs. Lesions range is very large, the breathing low down. The sound is voiced. Continue to read Chinese medicine Treatment for Tuberculosis.

(5) Auxiliary examination:
1) Most active tuberculosis in phlegmy can be checked to tuberculosis bacterium. General smear test negative, should do check pressure. If still negative, he should do culture method.

2) Active tuberculosis is very mild and the white blood cell count elevated. In Acute Corn Grain of tuberculosis, the white blood counts reduce, sometimes appear kind of leukemia reaction protection, but no lumping formation.

3) The meaning of tuberculin test for the baby's diagnosis is significant. 3 years old babies have positive suggests namely active tuberculosis.

4) The chest X-ray examination use clairvoyant, front chest radiograph, bow front radiography, some of the lung, tip of radiography, fault radiography.

5) Selective use of tuberculosis CT to diagnosis to make up the deficiency of the check. Continue to read Causes of Tuberculosis in TCM.

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