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How to prevent pulmonary tuberculosis

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(1) Food should be contained more protein, vitamin, fiber, high heat, low fat, especially pay attention to avoiding certain food. Eat bean products, millet, corn, Chinese-date, tremella, lily, chestnut, gingko, etc. In addition, eat more fresh vegetables, such as cabbage, lotus root, cucumber, watermelon, apple, pear, etc.

(2) Children should be inoculated the BCG vaccine on time. After inoculation, children can increase immunity, although cannot avoid be infected tuberculosis caused by tuberculosis bacilli, can form the immune ability against tuberculosis bacilli. More information about the treatment of Tuberculosis, please click to read Tuberculosis Pills.

(3) The patient who is infected phlegm germ with positive should be isolated. If isolated at home, patient should live alone, and should have his own diet, tableware, and the vessels. Bedding, clothing should be sterilized in sunlight for 2 hours. Tableware should be boiled at least 1 minute so that the tuberculosis bacilli can be killed effectively.

(4) Maintain good indoor ventilation and sunny. Open doors and windows three times a day, 20 to 30 minutes for each time. It is usually during phlegm germ feminine that can call off sequestration.

(5) Having a good rest, good nutrition, an appropriate outdoor activity to build up resistance ability, which is vital to overcome the diseases.

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