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What are the symptoms of pulmonary tuberculosis

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(1) One type is deficiency of the lung-yin, marked by dry cough with little phlegm, or sputum mixed with blood, tidal fever, night sweat, flushing of zygomatic region, dry pharynx and mouth, reddened tongue, and thready and rapid pulse.

(2) Another type is insufficiency of the lung-qi and the spleen-qi, marked by short breath, cough with sputum, tightness of the chest, loss of appetite, listlessness, a low and weak voice, pale complexion, aversion to cold, white and greasy coating on the tongue, and thready and feeble pulse. Continue to read TCM Treatment Evaluation for Tuberculosis.

(3) The third one is insufficiency of both the lung-qi and the lung-yin, marked by cough with little sputum, or blood tinged sputum, short breath and listlessness, flushing of zygomatic region and pale complexion, spontaneous and night sweat, dry pharynx and mouth, loss of appetite, reddened tongue with white or exfoliative coating, and thready, rapid and feeble pulse.

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