Rheumatoid Arthritis TCM Therapy

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Dietary therapy for rheumatoid

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1) Gruel of the Seed of Job's tears and the Towel Gourd
Ingredients: The seed of Job's tears 150g, mint 15g, lobster sauce 50g, towel gourd 100g.
Process: Peel the towel gourd and wash it clean, then cut it into chunks; put the mint and lobster sauce into the pot, add the water to 1500ml and decoct with low fire for about 10 minutes after it is boiling; remove the dregs and get the juice; wash the seed of Job's tears clean and pour them with the towel gourd into the pot; add the juice and cook them until the seed of Job's tears are soft; season it with the moderate salt or sugar according to the individual choice and it can be taken as breakfast and dinner.
Efficiency: Clear away heat and promote dampness, relieve exterior syndrome and dispel wind. It is applicable to rheumatoid arthritis with bi-syndrorne Caused by Dampness and heat

 2) Cooked Chicken with Ramulus Mori
Ingredients: Overgrown ramulus mori 30g, green bean 15g, chicken 250g.
Process: Wash the chicken clean, add moderate water and put in the chunks of clean ramulus mori and green bean to stew until the chicken is soft. Season it with the salt and ginger. Eat the chicken and drink the soup.
Efficiency: Clear away heat and remove obstruction, promote qi and tonify blood. It is applicable to rheumatoid arthritis due to bi-syndrome with dampness and heat and which is with the symptoms of red, feverish and painful joints, vexation and thirst, yellow urine and dry stool.  Continue to learn Chinese medicine treatment for Arthritis.

3) Radix Angelicae Tuhuo and Black bean soup
Ingredients: Radix angelicae tuhuo 9g, black bean 60g and moderate rice wine.
Process: Put the radix angelicae tuhuo and black bean into the water and to cook with low fire to 500ml; remove dregs and get the juice; add the rice wine; to be taken in two times when it is warm.
Efficiency: Dispel wind and remove dampness, activate meridians to stop pain.

4) Gruel of Radix Sileris and Semen Coicis
Ingredients: Semen Coicis (Yiyiren) 30g, Radix Saposhnikoviae (Fangfeng) 10g.
Process: Wash the semen Coicis and decoct it with the radix sileris to get about 200ml of decoction. One dose a day for a week and to be taken in one time. Take it again after three days.
Efficiency: Eliminate wind and remove dampness. It is applicable to rheumatoid arthritis due to bi-syndrome with wind and dampness and which is with the symptoms of flourishing of wind-evil, wandering pain of joints, aversion to wind and cold, pain in the body, sleepy and weak.

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