Rheumatoid Arthritis TCM Therapy

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Functional exercise for rheumatoid arthritis

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1) Take the exercise more often such as: hygienic gymnastics, Qigong, Taiji, broadcast exercise, walking which are good for the health. People who insist on physical excise usually with a strong body and immunity and seldom get sick. Besides, their resisting ability to wind-cold and dampness evil is stronger than the people without exercise.

2) Medical gymnastics: The actions, the effected parts and the amount of exercise should be chosen according to the needs; this method with virtues of strong pertinence and broad adaptive surface and it is the main aspect of the kinesiatrics. Continue to learn Chinese medicine treatment for Arthritis.

3) Endurance exercise: Waling, jogging, climbing, riding bikes, swimming, rope skipping and so on. They are helpful to strength the endurance of the patients.

4) Biofeedback therapy: take advantage of some equipments to zoom in the information of some physiological activities during the exercise, and make the patients heard or seen this information. This method can lead patients to improve their conditions in a favorable direction so as to enhance the effect.

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