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How to prevent rheumatoid arthritis

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1) The house for living should be ventilation and sunny, keep the air fresh in it. Avoid dosing on the cement floor and in draught.

2) It is better to wash face and rinse teeth with the warm water and get the feet in the water with the washing recipe of traditional Chinese medicine. It is not only helpful to promote the blood circulation of the lower limbs and also to expel swelling pain and remove dampness. Continue to learn Chinese medicine treatment for Arthritis.

3) If there are the symptoms of obvious red, swelling, fever and pain during the period of acute attack of the rheumatism, people should lie in bed for 2-3 weeks. And for the patients with kidney deficiency and lumbar spondylosis, the sexual life should be avoided.

4) People should avoid cold, getting wet in the rain and being affected with damp; keep the joints warm and avoid with wet cloths, wet shoes and wet stocks; Avoid overconsumption of cold foods and drinks in hot summer; even there’s a dry climate in the fall but the wind is strong, so people should avoid the attacking of the wind cold; keep warm is most important in cold winter.
5) Keep a regulate diet and life and with a balance between the rest and work are the main measure to strengthen physical health; clinically, the disease may be aggravated or recrudesced due to overwork during the convalescence even the disease is under control for some patients with rheumatoid arthritis. So people should keep a balance between the rest and work.
6) Keep a normal mentation is very important for maintaining of body’s normal immunologic function. Continue to learn TCM Treatment Evaluation for Rheumatic Arthritis.
7) With a bland and digestible diet which is with massive vitamin, high protein and low fat; it is better to eat more eggs, bean food, lean meat, bone soup, fungoid , fresh vegetables and fruit. Avoid spicy, fatty, sour and cold food.

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