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What're the folk recipes for rheumatoid arthritis

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1) For the red swelling , pain, numbness in the joints, fingers and even the shoulder, back and knees, people can grind 90g of Fructus Arctii (Niubangzi), 30g of fried new lobster sauce and 30g of Qiang radix angelicae tuhuo into powder. Take 6g of it for one time with clear soup.
2) For wind and pain in the joints and bone sections day an night, people can take 15g of myrrh and 90 of cannon born of tiger (roast into powder) and take 6g of the mixed powder with warm wine.

3) For the wandering wind and pain and the fever and swelling in the knees, people can take the 30g of the powder of dragon’ blood and sulfur grundum respectively and mix them up. Take 3g of the mixed powder with warm wine for one time. 

4) Ingredients: dried red pepper powder 30g, ginger 120g, scallion 150g, liquor 250ml.
Process: Pound the scallion and ginger into a paste, add the red pepper powder and liquor and mix them up. Apply it on the effected part until the skin turns red and a cauterization sensation is gained. It should be applied on the same part for 1-2 times. Continue to learn Chinese medicine treatment for Arthritis.

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