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What are the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis

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Clinically there are five types of bi-syndromes, i.e., bi-syndrome caused by wind, cold and dampness; bi-syndrome caused by wind, dampness and heat; bi-syndrome with concurrence of cold and heat; bi-syndrome with phlegm stagnation and blood stasis; and bi-syndrome with deficient healthy qi and retained pathogenic factors. As far as the treatment is concerned, it should primarily aim at eliminating pathogenic factors and activating meridians. Different methods, for example, dispelling wind, eliminating cold, removing dampness, clearing away heat, resolving phlegm and removing blood stasis, should be used according to different cases; for prolonged cases with healthy qi deficiency, herbs for replenishing qi and blood, nourishing the liver and kidneys should be used accordingly.

1. Bi-syndrorne Caused by Wind, Cold and Dampness
Chief Manifestations: Wandering pain of joints with localized swelling and numbness, or with localized cold pain which is aggravated by cold, in cloudy and rainy days and alleviated by warmth, stiff joints in the morning, limited flexibility, aversion to wind and cold, pale tongue with thin and white, or white and greasy coating, superficial and tense, or deep and tense, or soft-superficial and even-soft pulse.

2. Bi-syndrome Caused by Wind, Dampness and Heat:
Chief Manifestations: Red, feverish, swollen and painful joints which are aggravated by touching, rigidity, or subcutaneous nodules, feverish body with flushed face, excessive thirst, sore throat, scanty deep yellow urine, red tongue with thin and yellow, or yellow and greasy coating, smooth and rapid, or wiry and rapid pulse. Continue to learn Chinese medicine treatment for Arthritis.

3. Bi-syndrome with Concurrence of Cold and Heat:
Chief Manifestations: Redness, swelling and pain of joints, general fever but preference to warmth, rigidity of joints, thirst with desire for hot drink, red tongue with white coating or pale tongue with yellow coating, wiry and rapid or wiry and tense pulse.

4. Bi-syndrome with Phlegm Stagnation end Blood Stasis:
Chief Manifestations: Long-term intermittent arthralgia with swelling, rigidity and deformity of joints, numbness of limbs, darkish purple skin, purplish dim tongue with ecchymosis, white or greasy coating, thready and unsmooth pulse.

5. Bi-syndrome with Deficient Healthy Qi and Retained Pathogenic Factors 
Chief Manifestations: Prolonged arthralgia with intermittent pain of joints, lassitude, lusterless complexion, cold pain of lumber vertebrae, inflexibility of the joints, weakness of the knees, atrophy of muscles, pale tongue with white coating, thready and weak pulse. Continue to learn TCM Treatment Evaluation for Rheumatic Arthritis.

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