Sore Throat TCM Therapy

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Dietary therapy for sore throat

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1) Ingredients: Green tea leaf 6g, olive 6g, 3 scaphium scaphigerum and a spoon of honey.
Process: Decoct the olive in the moderate water for a while and then add the greed tea leaf, scaphium scaphigerum; Keep the cover on for 1-2 minutes and add the honey. Drink it frequently.

2) Celery Ointment:
Get 1-1.5 kg of celery and a little honey. Wash the celery clean and pug them into juice, add the honey and cook them with the low fire into the ointment. Take half spoon of it after mixing it with hot water every day.

3) Ingredients: Fructus Arctii (Niubangzi) 15g, rice 50g, crystal sugar 15g.
Process: Decoct the fructus arctii to get the juice by removing the dregs, add the rice and cook in water for the gruel; add the crystal sugar when it is nearly done and then cook for a while. Take it once a day for 3-5 days and it is applicable for sore throat. Continue to learn Chinese Medicine Treatment for Chronic Laryngitis.

4) Cooked Crucian with Konjak Tofu
Ingredients: Konjak tofu 300g, living crucian 300g, ginger threads 15g, cooking wine 5g, plant oil 20g, refined salt 5g, monosodium glutamate 5g, chopped green onion 5g, pepper powder 5g.
Process: Take off the squama and the viscera of the crucian and wash it clean; put it into the pot and add 1000ml of water; add the ginger, cooking wine, oil, salt when the water is boiling and cook them until the color of water looks like the milk; add the Konjak tofu and cook until it is done. Drink the soup and it is applicable for sore throat.   

5) Fresh Mint
Ingredients: Fresh mint 15g, rice 60g, crystal sugar 20g.
Process: Decoct the mint for soup and cool it down; cook the rice in water for the gruel and add the crystal sugar and mint soup when it is nearly done; cook them until it is boiling twice. Take it once a day for 3-5 days and it is applicable for sore throat.   

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