Sore Throat TCM Therapy

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Functional exercise for sore throat

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(1) Take Yoga, Taiji and walking and people can take the snooker pool or golf if conditions permit. 

(2) Exercise can promote the blood circulation in the throat area and raise the temperature of the throat area which is helpful to dispel the inflammation of the throat. Stop exercising during the acute period. And pay attention to keep the body warm when exercising, especially the parts of forebreast, back and the sole. Besides, pay attention to drink water when taking exercise. 
(3) After waking up in the morning, apply 3-4 drops of wind medicated oil on the center of the left palm and massage the throat area in the clockwise direction for 20-30 times. The condition will be greatly improved after taking it for 2-3 months and the diseased can be treated after taking it for a year. Continue to learn Chinese Medicine Treatment for Chronic Laryngitis.

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