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How TCM diagnoses sore throat

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1) Medical History: With a history of the repeat attack of the acute pharyngitis or taking breath by mouth due to the nose disease; excess intake of cigarette and wine; live in a environment with dry air, dust, pollution of the irritating gas and so on. Continue to learn Chinese Medicine Treatment for Chronic Laryngitis.   

2) Symptoms: Discomfort in the pharyngeal: pain or itch or a sensation of dryness, burning heat, sootiness or with foreign body; amyctic cough, cough out the secretion or even vomiting when waking up in the morning; with a course of disease more than 2 months; and get this problem due to getting a cold, catching a cold, fatigue, polyphrasia and other reasons.

3) Checking up: Chronic hyperemia in the pharyngeal; it with dark red color or with a arborization shape; hyperplasia of lymph crypta in the paries posterior of the pharynx; or the swelling of the lateral pharyngeal band, hyperplasia and thickening of the mucous membrane of pharynx; or with one more symptoms of the dryness, analosis, attenuation and the attaching of the secretion.

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