Sore Throat TCM Therapy

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What're the folk recipes for sore throat

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(1) Ear acupuncture: Select throat, heart, adrenal gland, tonsilla.
Take filiform needle in ear acupuncture and the acupoint are needled with strong stimulation for the people with real symptoms and the needles are retained for 1 hour.

(2) Treat with the vinegar: People can gargle with the mixture of the equal amount of the water and vinegar to relieve pain.

(3) Treat with fried salt: Fry the salt until it is done and grind them into fine powder. Blow them into the throat and vomit the saliva; it is helpful to diminish inflammation and relieve pain.

(4) Treat with the uncooked pear: People often eat uncooked pear can prevent from sore mouth and throat. Continue to learn Chinese Medicine Treatment for Chronic Laryngitis.

(5) Treat with the lotus root juice: Gargling with the mixture of the lotus root juice and the egg white and it is very effective in treating sore throat; the egg white can moisten the throat and relieve cough; lotus root can allay tiredness and recover vigour. Process: Peel the lotus root and mash it to get the juice and mix it up with the egg white (an egg white can be used in three times), keep it in the shady and cool place and gargle with it.  

(6) Get 15-30g of honeysuckle, 15-30g of chrysanthemum, 15g of Rehmannia glutinosa, 15g of lilyturf root, 15g of radix scrophulariae, 5 scaphium scaphigerum and 6g of raw Radix Glycyrrhizae (Gancao). Infuse them for drink in 3-5 times or cook them in 1000ml of water for tea and drink it at any moment. It is applicable to clear away heat and toxin, produce saliva and slake thirst and relieve sore throat.

(7) Five Juice Drink: Get the chufa, pear, fresh rhizoma phragmitis, radices ophiopogonis and the lotus root to extract them for the juice. Take the juice for many times a day. It is applicable to nourish the yin and lung, clear way heat and produce saliva. 

(8) Drink more radish juice and it is applicable to nourish the yin and lung, clear way heat and produce saliva.

(9) Get 3-5 scaphium scaphigerum and infuse them in boiling water and then add moderate honey. It can be taken often as it is applicable to nourish the yin and lung, clear way heat and produce saliva.

(10) Take 10 walnuts and remove the crust but remain the coating. Take it in two times in the morning and night. 15 days is a course of treatment. It is helpful to diminish inflammation, nourish lung, reduce phlegm and relieve cough. It can treat the sore throat, cough and other diseases.

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