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What are the symptoms of sore throat

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1) External attack by wind and heat: Red swelling and pain in the throat, dysphagia, cough, fever, headache, floating and rapid pulse. 

2) Asthenia of the spleen and stomach: Sensation of obstruction or adhering phlegm, the throat is dry with little pain, dry mouth but with no desire to drink or like hot drinks, nausea, vomiting, or with hiccup and sour regurgitation sometimes; If people catches cold, feels tired and with polyphrasia, then the symptoms are aggravated. And people is easily to catch a cold and with lassitude, weak, shortness of breath and is sluggish to talk, easily to sweat, bad appetite or abdominal distension, irregular bowel movement with viscous or hard stool, light red tongue with imprints of the teeth on the edge, thin and white greasy coating, thready and weak pulse. Continue to learn Chinese Medicine Treatment for Chronic Laryngitis.

3) Yin deficiency of the liver and kidney: Dry and burn throat with little pain, with sensation of obstruction or adhering phlegm, dizzy, vertigo, tinnitus, forgettery, sour in the loins and knees, hectic fever, red lip, flushing of zygomatic region, fever in chestpalms-soles, red tongue with little caoting, thready and rapid pulse.

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