Vertigo TCM Therapy

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Functional exercise for vertigo

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(1) Bend both of ring fingers at the same time, unbend them, use forefinger and thumb of one hand to stretch and pull the ring finger of the other hand for 10-20 times, then knead and press from the fingertip to root for one minutes. The ring finger is the passage of pericardium channel of hand jueyin and three-jiao channel of hand shaoyang. Pressing ring finger can clear heat and relieve fidget, quiet the heart and the spirit, clear away the heart-fire, open the orifices and arouse the spirit.

(2) Sit in a chair without leaning back in the seat, stand up slowly with chest lifting, then sit down slowly, repeat it for 10 times, increase to 30 times gradually. This exercise can make the brain adopt to the physiological change due to body change.

(3) Stand in front of the mirror every morning, look yourselfer reflected in the mirror, then close your eyes for one minute, hold the back of a chair nearby by one hand, stand on one foot alternately for 30 seconds, 1-3 minutes each day. Continue to learn Chinese medicine treatment for Anemia.

(4) All the postures and movements which can stimulate vertigo, ranking as exercise program, and take these exercises from easy to difficult. Take field exercise after confirm the stimulating vertigo posture, twice a day, repeat the posture and movement of stimulating vertigo, the time should be as longer as possible, repeat above 5 times for each movement, continuously practice for 1-3 month. Patients can eliminate vertigo after practicing these exercises.

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