Vertigo TCM Therapy

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How to prevent vertigo

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(1) Regulate diet: diet should be nitrous, fresh and light. Eat more eggs, lean meat, vegetables and fruits. Avoid eating fat and spicy foods, such as, fatty meat, fried foods, wine, hot pepper, etc.

(2) Wax gourd, radish, taro, arrowhead, jellyfish, loach, chestnut, red bean and Semen Coicis (Yiyiren) have the effect of reducing phlegm, disinhibiting water and percolating dampness. These foods can be selected for adjuvant therapy.

(3) Participate in physical exercises actively. People with poor constitution can improve physical fitness by practicing exercises. Obese people can enhance qi and blood circulation and accelerate defecation. Appropriate exercise can build up confidence, keep a good mood and improve vestibule adaptation. Patients should be encouraged to get out of bed to do more exercises.

(4) Regulate spirit: Regulating spirit is also very essential to treat vertigo. Depression, anger and other mental stimulation can cause liver-yang hyperactivity and liver wind agitation, inducing vertigo. Therefore, patients with vertigo should have broad mind, optimistic spirit, delightful mind, stable emotion, which are very important for preventing and alleviating the onset of vertigo.

(5) Live a regular life: over fatigue and lack of sleep are the induced factors of vertigo. Patients should pay attention to have enough sleep no matter onset of vertigo or after it attack. The symptoms of patients suffering from vertigo often alleviate or disappear after enough sleep. Continue to learn Chinese medicine treatment for Anemia.

(6) Avoid moving the head and neck up and down, back and forth for there might be pathological changes in the inner ear because that changing position of the head influence the vestibular system, thus resulting vertigo. When patient with cervical spondylosis turn his neck or look upward, it could press vertebral artery and influence blood circulation, therefore, the supplement of blood in the brain would reduce, leading to the attack of vertigo. The stimulation of voice and light also could aggravate vertigo, so the living environment should be quiet without bright light.

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