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What're the folk recipes for vertigo

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(1) Cheqiancao ( Herba Plantaginis ) 30 g and Xixiancao (Herba Siegesgeckiae) 30 g. Decoct the herbs in water for oral administration, 1 dose a day. It is applicable to vertigo caused by hyperactivity of liver yang.

(2) Rhizoma Alismatis (Zexie) 30 g, Chaobaizhu (Rhizoma Atractylodis Macrocephalae,  stir-baked ) 15 g and Huainiuxi (Radix Achyranthis Bidentatae ) 10 g. Decoct the herbs in water for oral administration, 1 dose a day. It is suitable for vertigo caused by turbid phlegm.

(3) Sangshenzi (Fructus Mori) 15 g and Heidadou (Semen Sojae) 15 g. Decoct the drugs in water for oral administration, 1 dose a day. It is applicable to vertigo caused by yin and blood deficiency of the liver and kidney.

(4) Shengmingfan (Alumen) and Ludou (Semen Phaseoli Radiati) in equal proportions. Grind them into powder and then mix with rice to make bolus, 5 boluses each time, twice a day. It is suitable for phlegm-retention vertigo.

(5) Mix one egg with 20 grains of Phaseolus Anagularis evenly, then steam it until it is well-done, take it in the morning with empty stomach, once a day, continuously eat 7 days. Avoid drinking wine and eating spicy foods. Continue to learn Chinese medicine treatment for Anemia.

(6) Decoct half liang (a unit of weight) of Fructus Xanthii and one liang of brown sugar in the water for drinking, the vertigo can be treated after 7 days eating.

(7) Salisburia Adiantifolia can treat senile vertigo. Grind 30g Salisburia Adiantifolia (add 6g ginger for vomiter) into powder, divide it into four parts, take one part of the powder with warm water in the morning and in the evening. It takes effect after 4-8 times of taking. 

(8) Rhizoma Gastrodiae is effective to vertigo caused by various reasons. Grind it into powder, take 2g each time, twice a day.

(9) Decoct 6-9g Rhizoma Gastrodiae (Tianma) with a large bowl of water over a slow fire, make it into half a bowl of decoction for drinking. Add half large bowl of water into the dregs in the second decoction, make it over a slow fire into half a bowl of decoction for drinking, twice a day.

(10) Acupuncture. Applying acupuncture for 3 minutes after the onset of illness can eliminate vertigo. And the disease can be treated after 3-5 courses of treatment.

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