Clinical Examples of Tongue Diagnosis

Chronic gastritis
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Chronic gastritis
Mrs.Dong, 52.
First visit: November 15,2004.(Fig.3-77)
She suffered from stomachache for two years displaying frequent belching and aggravated abdominal fullness and burning pain after meals, no defecation for more than three days,abdominal flatulence, bad gas, poor sleep, slippery string-like pulse,red tongue with prickles on the tip, yelllowish slimy fur with turbidity on the root. "Minor Chengqi Decoction" and "Pingwei Powder" were given to purge stomath and intestine, and unblock fu-0gans.


Second visit:November 29,2004.(Fig.3-78)
After treatments, food retention was removed and dampness heat started to resolve, abdominal fullness disappeared, associated with sticky mouth, yellowish and turbid urine, red tongue, whitish slimy fur with yellowish slime on its root, and string-like pulse. She was thus treated with "Sanhuang Xiexin Decoction" and "Pingwei Powder".


Third visit: December 13,2004.(Fig.3-79)
After two-week treatments, abdominal pain and fillness disappeared, belching and acid regurgitation reduced, fair appetite, normal defecation, and only little yellowish fur left. Also learn Acupuncture Pair Points for peptic ulcer.


(Fig.3 -79)

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