Clinical Examples of Tongue Diagnosis

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Mr. Lu, 54.
First visit: March 21. 2006 (Fig. 3 - 58).
He had hypertension for eleven years and did not receive regular treatments. Dull pain behind chest, dizziness, poor sleep, swollen tongue with teeth marks, whitish slimy fur and peeling in the root, and sunken string-like pulse. BP: 180/ 135 mmHg. Treatment aims to resolve dampness and activate qi, nourish spleen and uplift yang. The herbs are omitted here.

(Fig. 3 - 58)

 Second visit: April 4, 2006(Fig. 3 - 59).
After three-week treatments, all symptoms were obviously improved, no pain any longer, good sleep, regular urination and defecation, pale tongue, no obvious teeth marks, the slimy fur turned to be thin one and new fur produced on the tongue where the fur is peeled before, and string-like pulse. BP: 140/90 mmHg. Also learn Acupuncture Single Points for hypertension.

(Fig. 3-59)

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