Tongue Diagnosis Typical Case

Syndrome of Liver and Gall-Bladder Blood Stasis
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Body colour: slightly Red. 
Body shape: Swollen, especially in the chest area with a Heart crack. 
Coating: sticky coating.

The Reddish-Purple coating is more distinct on the sides in the Liver area which points specifically towards Liver-Blood stasis. The Liver area on the sides is also Swollen which usually indicates severe or chronic Liver-Heat. The Liver area being Red and Swollen simply indicates a more severe degree of Liver-Heat than if the Liver area is just Red. 

The strips of a slightly thicker, white coating on either side of the tongue indicate a Gall-Bladder pathology, most usually Dampness in the Gall-Bladder. 

Although the tongue points towards the Blood stasis being especially in the Liver, treatment of this patient should focus equally on moving Blood in the Heart. The presence of a Heart crack indicates a constitutional tendency to Heart patterns.
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