Allergic Rhinitis relieved by acupuncture
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Chinese medicine thinks of allergies in several ways, but doesn’t think in terms of pollens and chemicals in the body reacting with the allergens. Since Chinese medicine was developed in pre-technological times, the terms they used had to follow concepts that were tested by treatments, then retested until they had success with healing particular illnesses.

The main acupuncture points chosen for these purposes are Shang Xing (GV 23) and Ying Xiang (LI 20) to dispel wind to stop itching and Zu San Li (St 36) to fortify earth (spleen) to engender metal (lung) and secure the exterior and defensive qi. The tips of the needles should be pointed transversely upward toward the bridge of the nose at Ying Xiang to a depth of 0.5 inches. The needle at Shang Xing should be inserted transversely, pointing to the back of the head along the midline to a depth of 0.5–1 inches. Zu San Li should be punctured perpendicularly to a depth of 1–1.5 inches. According to five phase theory, earth is the mother of metal, the lungs correspond to metal, and the stomach corresponds to earth.

Therefore, by supplementing a point on the stomach channel, we can supplement the qi in the lungs in a manner similar to that of  a mother feeding her child. Further, the defensive qi, which in this case is weak and has allowed the invasion of external wind evils, issues from the middle burner. In Chinese medicine, this means that it is a byproduct of the process of digestion governed by the spleen and stomach. By supplementing the stomach qi at Zu San Li, we also supplement the defensive qi, which then secures the exterior to prevent further invasion. In addition, supplementing the stomach qi also supplements the righteous qi, which then becomes powerful enough to thrust the already contracted wind evilsback out of the body.

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