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As a leading online health consultation operator in China for traditional Chinese medicine, we offer a unique medical service in herbal medicine, acupuncture, Tuina, Qigong, Taiji, and other TCM therapies. Our long years of expertise in these programs brings TCM WINDOW a remarkable reputation in this area. In this page we present news which cover a wide range of TCM practice, including treatments and prevention of diseases, and medical exchanges in our medical center. 

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Acupuncture is the use of very thin needles that entails the insertion of said needles into certain parts in the body. Acupuncture can provide benefits for women experiencing sexual pain disorders. Acupuncture has also been proven to enhance the libido of women which can effectively address their sexual dysfunction.
Menopause is a natural phase in a woman’s life; the problem, however, is that it comes not without any health issues in women and sadly, some of these symptoms can be debilitating. The most common symptoms that menopause can cause are hot flashes.
Chi is known as the vital energy in the body that brings life and circulates like electricity all over a person’s body. When this energy flow is obstructed and starts to stagnate, a person’s health is affected. Now, researchers are investigating the role of acupuncture for migraine reduction and treatment.
Eczema is marked by skin covered with red, scaly and dry patches that are usually accompanied by intense pruritus (itching). So many medical treatments are available for eczema designed to alleviate itchiness and inflammation although the most commonly used ones are corticosteroids.
Experts of Western medicine can’t figure out how acupuncture really works in treating arthritis symptoms and other similar conditions. A skilled acupuncturist definitely knows who how acupuncture effectively treats arthritis.
One type of inflammatory bowel condition is ulcerative colitis. This disease occurs when the digestive tract becomes chronically inflamed. Ulcerative colitis usually affects the rectum and the colon or large intestine.

Diseases, Symptoms,  tcm, [tcmwindow.com]

Diseases, Symptoms,  tcm, [tcmwindow.com]

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