Some effective ways to help support your colitis

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The lowering of stress in the body is one of the key things to remember in dealing daily with ulcerative colitis and other IBD symptoms. The following tips can help you deal with colitis and make you feel stronger physically and emotionally.

Activities, sports and exercise – As long you have no flare ups, try to get involved in a physical activity that promotes strength, vigor and more importantly, one that removes your stress.  When you are in the midst of a flare up, indulge instead in light activities like yoga, walking or tai chi.  You can also reduce stress by putting things into perspective. Try not to let things get into you.  This helps you to better avoid stressful situations and make your daily life as minimally tense as possible. Your doctor can be the best person to talk to when searching for someone who can help you manage your stress much better. He can refer you to a stress-management professional where you can be empowered with techniques that help you deal with stress in a very productive way.

Don’t be afraid to say no – This statement simply means to say no to over-scheduling or over-committing yourself that can bring you to the point where you become exhausted and frustrated. If you are physically or emotionally exhausted the ability to keep a healthy spirit may become untenable as well.
Plan ahead – If you plan to travel or just simply to go outside to eat try to find a way to properly manage your flare up when it comes. Try to know where the bathroom is first when you are in a restaurant or any public venue.

Look for support – You can find a group of individuals near your place or online who know what you are going through and are willing to share their time to help you out with your problem. IBD can put you closer to people rather than isolate you from them. If you allow IBD to victimize you and make you isolated and lonely, try to fight this situation by joining and being a part of an IBD support group.  This can then allow you to help yourself and others.

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