Cooked cabbage, a long time standard natural cure for colitis
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1) Diet as Home Natural
Colitis and other inflammatory bowel diseases are found almost entirely in areas of the world that have a diet high in dairy products and meat.  These bowel conditions are seldom seen in areas where people are still living on starch based foods with little or no meat or dairy.  Intense allergic reactions to eating a rich western diet have been suspected for some time as being the cause of these painful diseases.

2) Earthing
When the body is connected directly to the earth it gives powerful and profound health benefits. It is anti-inflammatory, relieves pain and promotes the healing of all manner of diseases including colitis.

3) Cabbage
Juice raw cabbage and eat cooked cabbage to lower the inflammation in the colon.  This is a long time standard natural cure for colitis.

4) Flax Seed
Flax seed oil is a good natural cure for colitis as it is very high in Omega-3 fatty acids.  These have been shown in many studies to reduce all types of inflammation in the body.

When the colon becomes painful, eat raw pumpkin seeds.  This will help.  Also bananas are calming to the colon and are a good colitis home remedy.

5) Avoid Meat
Stay away from eating meat.  Meat has no fiber and the human intestines are not designed for meat eating.  The intestines of a carnivore are 1/3 the length of the intestines of a plant eating animal and humans have the long intestines.  Meat putrefies quickly releasing toxins and poisons and so Nature designed the meat eater’s colon to be short to quickly eliminate the remains. Meat is toxic to the human colon.

6) Psyllium Natural Cure for Colitis
Take psyllium mixed with water every day.  Fiber reduces the amount of work the intestines must do to push food through.  This is simple physics.  A large bulky mass is easier to push by the intestine’s peristaltic action than a thin fibreless stream of waste

cooked cabbage, a long time standard natural cure for colitis


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