Chinese medicine suits remedy to seasonal changes
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The days are getting longer and warmer, the flowers are starting to bloom, and the city will soon be green again. With spring on its way, BJW talked to Chinese traditional health expert Lin Yang about health issues at this time of the year.

The season of liver and trees
According to the doctor, the nature of spring is likened to that of wood, in line with the theory of the five elements (metal, wood, water, fire and earth). Chinese traditional medicine (TCM) doctors believe that the liver is in charge of adjusting energy flow and dispelling waste from the body, which is compared to the function of a tree. Spring is the time to grow, for trees and for the liver. Therefore energy flow is the strongest in the liver in spring. Click to learn Chinese herb Spica Prunellae (Xiakucao).

Because of this nature of the liver, it is strongly recommended that one avoid getting angry, or depressed. An open, happy and optimistic state of mind will help to keep the liver in good condition.

Because the liver is strong this season, it might affect the stomach and spleen in an adverse way, because the spleen's nature is earth, and is controlled by the liver. Therefore Lin advises that people pay extra attention to the nurturing of the stomach and spleen.

Seasonal food
TCM practitioners believe that sour foods find their way to the liver. But in spring, the liver is already strong and as sour foods are believed to make the liver stronger, it could make the spleen, which is linked to the liver, suffer. The doctor suggests that people avoid sour foods, and increase sweet foods, to strengthen the spleen. Lin also recommends reducing oily foods, and increasing fresh vegetables, and fruit, to curb dryness. Other suitable foods include Chinese toon leaves, lily bulb, pea sprout, crown daisy, bamboo shoots, yam, lotus root, taro, turnip, chufa and sugar cane. Chinese jujube porridge and yam porridge is also recommended. Click to learn Chinese herb Radix Trichosanthis (Tianhuafen).

Spring and summer are seasons to nurture the yang factor of the body. So eating leek, shepherd's-purse and spinach can help the yang energy increase.

Preventing illness
When it turns warm, pathogenic viruses and bacteria grow more quickly. Flu, epidemic cerebrospinal meningitis, measles, scarlatina and pneumonia are all believed to spread more easily in spring. To prevent these illnesses, first of all one needs to keep away from, or get ride of the sources of inflammation. Windows should be opened more frequently, to let in fresh air. Physical exercise can help heighten the body's immunity function. Protect your nose and mouth, so as to avoid any problems with the upper aspiratory tract and the lungs.

When you eat foods that are considered "cold" in nature, like fish, shrimp and crab, it might be good to balance it with warmer foods like spring onion, ginger, wine, and vinegar. This will help to prevent diarrhoea.

High blood pressure, neuralgia, cardiovascular illnesses and some other chronic illnesses are likely to relapse in spring. It is especially important for people with chronic problems, especially those at middle and old age, to take good care of themselves and keep in a good state of mood. Click to learn Chinese herb Semen Cassiae (Juemingzi)">Semen Cassiae (Juemingzi).

An active and carefree lifestyle
In ancient China, spring was a time when people would wake up early, take a slow walk in the yard, wearing loose robes and with their hair wrapped up.

It might not be feasible to walk around like that any more, but it is certainly time for more outdoor activities, such as spring outings.

According to Doctor Lin, we should also go to bed before 10 pm to rise early, not much after sunrise.

Although it will generally become warmer, Beijing's spring weather can be quite changeable and temperatures can fall rather suddenly. Therefore the old Chinese wisdom is to keep yourself warm, even when you think it may be time to peel off a few layers. Doctor Lin recommends that people keep the legs warm, and reduce the number of layers on the upper body.

Fire in the liver
According to ancient Chinese classics, the yang factor is strong at this time of year, which makes the fire in the liver stronger, and the weather changeable. This means a number of things. There will be sudden changes between warm and cold days. Many people will develop soar throats, as the throat is linked to the liver. Liver problems and infections are more likely to occur. And because of a stronger fire in the liver, it is likely that people will more easily lose their temper. Click to learn Chinese herb Cortex Phellodendri (HuangBai).

To counteract these problems, Doctor Lin recommends a lot of sleep to nurture the yin factor, as well as food and drinks to cool and moisten, such as wild vegetables, shepherd's-purse, bitter melon, and Anhui chrysanthemum tea.

TCM also effectively treats insomnia by improving vital organs' ability to store, rather than release, the "hot" energy that disturbs sleep patterns, Zhang said.

Zhang also said that in order to be healthy, it is essential for everyone to know at least some rudimentary TCM theories. "TCM isn't just medicine; it's a whole lifestyle. People need to watch what they eat, relax and seek mental relief."

Article source: chinadaily

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