An exhibition promoting traditional Chinese medicine

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An exhibition promoting traditional Chinese medicine at the Ninth Global Conference on Health Promotion has encouraged delegates from overseas to experience massage or acupuncture, or to undergo a TCM theory-based health evaluation, all of which are free of charge.

Such services have been provided by four English-speaking therapists from 9 am to 6 pm every day during the four-day conference, according to Shang Li, one of the therapists and director of Shanghai TCM International Trade in Service Promotion Center, which is hosting the exhibition.

"It provides an effective platform to promote TCM culture and practices to the world, and there is huge business potential for the TCM service industry abroad," Shang said.

In addition to massage and acupuncture, visitors can also take an on-site overall health evaluation based on TCM theory simply by inserting their hand into machine and remaining still for five minutes.

"The machine works by taking the user's pulse and it produces a health report 10 minutes after the user removes their hand," Suzanne Jackson, associate professor at the University of Toronto, said after she had just taken the test.

The report will show her overall health condition, emotional state and risk level for some chronic diseases, such as diabetes and hypertension, Shang said.

Jackson said: "It's amazing and something new to me."

In Canada, she tried TCM. "I took herbal medicine for six weeks," she said. "I was low on energy before, but felt better after. TCM treatment elevated my energy levels."

There are increasing numbers of TCM practitioners in Canada, but patients need to pay significant sums for the service, which is not covered by health insurance in the country, Jackson said.

Marco Akermam, a professor at University of Sao Paulo, Brazil, said acupuncture is popular in his country, but other TCM treatments such as herbal medicine are not.

"Massage helps to relax my tight muscles," Akermam said after a 15-minute shoulder massage. "I'd like to trade the tea break at the conference for a TCM massage break."

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