Traditional Chinese medicine is a science and medical system

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Nurses preparing medicine through computerized medical equipment, doctors checking patient registration on computers and Chinese medicines with both Chinese and English descriptions......This was the scene inside a modern Chinese medicine clinic at a big shopping mall in Makati business district in Manila. Click to learn Chinese herb Semen Persicae (Taoren).

The TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) Healthcare Center is renowned as the state-of-the-art modern Chinese medicine clinic, which uses modern scientific management and computerized medical equipment in every process from patient registration, TCM diagnosis to prescription dispensation in combination of traditional Chinese medicine theory, Chinese medical director Zheng Qiming Tuesday told Xinhua.

"Traditional Chinese medicine is a science and medical system in one that includes a unique method of diagnosing, preventing and treating diseases. It compasses a variety of therapeutic methods such as herbal and food therapy, acupuncture and tuina (Chinese massage) therapy," Zheng said.

"The traditional method of decocting Chinese medicine is cumbersome and time consuming. The TCM Healthcare Center prescribes instantly soluble concentrated herbal granules that require no decoction. They are easy to carry and store and have the same efficiency,taste, aroma and solubility as Chinese medicine that are decocted in the traditional method," he added.

Zheng said patients can benefit from the convenience of modern scientific Chinese medicine without compromising on the efficiency of traditional prescriptions, which is the best answer and ideal for today's busy lifestyle. Click to learn Chinese herb Rhizoma Corydalis (Yanhusuo)

Likewise, the center introduces the most advanced dispensing machine, with which the prescription of medicinal granules is automatically packed by a safe and reliable process. The clinic also uses high-quality one-off needles for acupuncture treatment.

He noted that the recent computerization, internationalization and technological advancement of modern Chinese medicine is helpful to the overseas recognition and promotion of Chinese medicine as it shows the scientific and trustworthy characteristics of the Chinese medicine, which will attract more and more foreigners to accept it. Click to learn Chinese herb Radix Curcumae (Yujin).

Goco, a 70-year-old lady who came to the clinic on wheels with her family members to receive acupuncture and other medical treatment, said they chose the TCM clinic for treatment after having tried many western medical treatments for her serious Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis which has the symptoms of difficulty in breathing, speaking and sleeping among others.

They said it was found that the TCM treatment is effective and she need not to breathe oxygen any more only after a week of treatment and the cost of the treatment is also acceptable to ordinary people.

As a breakthrough of traditional Chinese medicine, the TCM Healthcare Center is the first of it's kind to be opened at a chain western medicine store the Mercury Drugstore at a big shopping mall, which can bring more and more Filipinos to know about Chinese medicines, Zheng said.

Also, the center has got a young Filipino female medical director Ria Flores, who was once an anesthetist but transferred to Chinese medicine treatment after having found the western medicine cannot relieve some of the patients of pain. Click to learn Chinese herb Rhizoma Cynanchi Stauntonii (Baiqian).

"Chinese medicine and western medicine need to be combined and complementary in modern society. With more and more foreigners accepting Chinese medicine and understanding its mystery, Chinese medicine will be promoted overseas," Zheng added.

Smiles on the faces of those patients, doctors and nurses can predict that Chinese medicine will come nearer and nearer to the Filipinos, and the people worldwide.

Article source: chinadaily

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