Post-stroke Depression Treated by Acupuncture Needling
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For the purpose of exploring the treatment effect and safety of acupuncture on treating post-stroke depression, we use randomly sampling and double-blind sampling to divide the 43 patients with severe post-stroke depression into observation group (23 cases) and contrast group (20 cases). The two groups are given regular symptomatic treatment, support and anti-infection treatment in neurology department, the observation group is provided of needling treatment, the acupoints include Acupuncture Single Point Baihui (GV20), Yin Tang, Si Shen Cong, Taichong (LR 3) Shu-Stream, Yuan-Source Point etc, and combing with oral intake of placebo; the contrast group is offered shallow needling on non-acupoins (the non-acupoints are chosen the points 5 mm beside the acuponts of observation group), the patients take fluoxetine; the two groups are treated for 6 months. Then, the Hamilton depression scale CHAMD grades, Asberg side effects of antidepressants scale (ASES), the adverse reactions from needling, and the treatment effect in both groups are compared.

Conclusion: the treatment of post-stroke depression using acupuncture needling is of same effect with the treatment of applying fluoxetine, no obvious adverse reactions from medicine treatment is found.

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