Acupuncture therapy for Life cultivation and rehabilitation

Scalp acupuncture
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Scalp acupuncture therapy is a method to treat diseases or promote the somatopsychic rehabilitation of the patient by needling the specific areas of the scalp.

The specific stimulation areas of the scalp are established on the basis of the location theory of corticocerebral functions. The antero-posterior midline of the scalp and the eyebrow-occiput line, the two standard lines, should be firstly established in order to delimit the stimulation areas of the scalp acupuncture precisely. On the basis of this, specific stimulation areas can be determined respectively. The division of the stimulation areas of the scalp acupuncture may be determined with the help of flexible rule in general.

The location may be determined by the experience with the mastery of the skill. Finger measurement may be applicable to patients of different age groups and different scalp types. Generally, the middle finger of an adult measures 2 to 2.5 cm. The division of stimulation areas of scalp acupuncture is very strict. Each stimulation area accurately corresponds to the indications it controls. Therefore, all the areas and their corresponding indications should be mastered and correctly used in TCM life cultivation and rehabilitation. Learn more information, please read Location of Stimulating Zone and Indication.

scalp acupuncture

In scalp acupuncture therapy, the stimulation area opposite to the diseased limb is mostly selected for the disease of the unilateral limb in the stimulation area selection; the bilateral stimulation areas are selected for diseases of bilateral limbs; the bilateral stimulation areas are selected for visceral diseases, and diseases of which the right and left cannot be easily differentiated. In addition, other stimulation areas may be cooperatively selected in accordance with the accompanying symptoms besides the selection of the stimulation area corresponding to the disease.

For example, the foot motor sensory area may be cooperatively selected for paralysis of lower limbs besides the selection of the motor area of lower limbs. Quick speed and a wide range are advisable to twirl the needle in scalp acupuncture (200 times per minute). When twirling and retaining the needle, let or help the patient move the limbs and enhance training. This helps to improve the therapeutic effects.

Scalp acupuncture therapy is applicable to the rehabilitation of cerebrogenic diseases such as hemiplegia, aphasia, facial distortion, tinnitus, numbness, vertigo and chorea; it also has better therapeutic effects on cardiovascular diseases, diseases of digestive system as well as many types of neuralgia and enuresis. Learn more information, please read Manipulations and Cautions.

The head with hair is susceptible to infection, accordingly strict sterilization should be done during scalp acupuncture therapy; the therapy is not advisable for the patients with apoplexy; it is not applicable to the patients with accompanying high fever and heart failure, either. In addition, the stimulation of scalp acupuncture is more severe, so needling fainting should be particularly prevented. The scalp with rich blood vessels is subject to hemorrhage. When withdrawing the needle, press the punctured site with the cotton ball.

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