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How to protect your hair by Chinese foods
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The diet should be various to maintain the balance between the acid and base inside the body. People may eat a proper amount of natural foods rich in protein, iodine, calcium, vitamins B, A, E, etc. such as fresh milk, fish, eggs, beans, green leafy vegetable, melon, fruit and coarse food grain. Simultaneously, people may select the nutritious foods to make the hair healthy.

The Immortal's Gruel:
Decoct a proper amount of Heshouwu (Radix Polygoni Multiflori) and non-glutinous rice in an earthenware pot. Drink the gruel regularly. The gruel has the actions of tonifying the liver and kidney, benefiting qi and blood, making the hair black and people remain young. More information, please continue to read Causes of Viral Myocarditis in TCM.

Zhima Hetao Candy:
500g of Chishatang (Saccharum Rubrum), 250g of Heizhima (Semen Sesami) and Hetaoren (Semen Juglandis) respectively. The three ingredients are made into candy. Eat several pieces a day. The candy can tonify the brain and the kidneys, make the beard and hair black. Prolonged use can also prevent and cure neurasthenia, amnesia, premature grey hair, and baldness, etc.

how to protect your hair by chinese foods

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