Health care of the ears

Keep fit by massaging the ears
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1. Massaging the helix root
Massage the front and back of the two helix roots with the index fingers for 15 times respectively.

2. Pressing the helix
Press the helix with the both hands upwards and downwards for 15 times.

3. Shaking and pulling the ears
Shake and pull the both helixes for 15 times respectively with the thumb and index finger. But do not apply too much force. Also click to learn Chronic Suppurative Otitis Media in TCM.

keep fit by massaging the ears

4. Flicking the ears
Flick the ears with the middle fingers for 15 times.

5. Beating the drum
Cover the ear orifices with the hands. Put the five fingers of each hand at the back of the head with the index fingers placing on the middle fingers. Then, the index fingers slide downwards suddenly to beat the rear of the head for 24 times. Afterwards, open and close the palms continuously for ten times. The method makes the antrum auris filled with air and the tympanic membrane vibrate. This is called "ming tiangu" (beating the Heavenly drum). Also click to learn Causes of Chronic Suppurative Otitis Media in TCM.

Massaging the ear can promote qi flow and blood circulation of the auricular region, make the external auricular skin moist and lustrous, delay the ageing of the tympanic membrane, prevent frostbite, prevent and cure auricular diseases. More information, please continue to read Ear Acupuncture.

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